Magical Moments

Our local Carrows restaurant hired our valentines quartet Heart Sent to sing for their customers. We were to sing one song and give a rose and card to a "cute couple" on each side of the restaurant.

However, the supervisor had selected tables for us, so we first went to a booth with a couple that had mentioned they were celebrating their 53rd Wedding anniversary. When I told them that Carrows had selected them to receive a Singing Valentine, the woman almost broke into tears right then. We started singing I Love You Truly and the tears did flow. The man was totally stoic the whole time and never cracked even a tiny smile.

Then we were directed to a booth with five people, including three women. We were glad we had extra roses in the car and we sang Let Me Call You Sweetheart to this family with big smiles that was clearly three generations.

Why can't we have Valentines day more often?

Keith Eckhardt for the Heart Sent quartet

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